Our School Vision...

Identity Statement and Vision

St Mel's is a proud Catholic school striving, learning and achieving together, through Christ, Our Light.

St Mel's strives to:

  • Build a community illuminated by our Catholic Tradition and grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Nurture the spirit, mind, and body of each learner.
  • Create learning environments that invite learners to inquire, explore and discover.
  • Embrace all families working in partnership with parish and community to engage in lifelong learning.
  • Rejoice in the diversity of our community and celebrate its uniqueness.

Graduate Outcomes...

At St Mel's we endeavour to educate students who:

  • Demonstrate openness to faith and willingness to act justly.
  • Are open to nurturing their personal spirituality
  • Are curious engaged learners, risk takers in their learning and lifelong learners.
  • Are literate and numerate.
  • Have good self-awareness and confidence to explore possibilities
  • Understand their responsibility in caring for all of God's creation.
  • Show understanding and appreciation of the diversity of society.
  • Are respectful, cooperative, and can communicate and work with others harmoniously.

Our Philosophy...

At St Mel's we acknowledge that the child is a capable person, who from birth can readily manage multiple relationships, both Divine and human, that is willing to make meaning of the world about them. 

In collaboration with the child, parent, teacher and community, St Mel's works to create engaging learning experiences that are founded on the theories of past and current researchers such as Piaget, Vygotsky, Cavaletti, Robinson, and Malaguzzi.  

Learning at St Mel's is organic and fluid, creating opportunities for the child to experience success in learning via play, the arts, literature, numeracy, physical activity, sciences - learning is multi-disciplinary and is accessed in an environment that is welcoming, homely, challenging and encouraging.  

As a learning community, St Mel's takes co-responsibility for all its citizens, citizens of the world, allowing each member to live life in the abundance of God's love, in union with young and old, with the expectation that all can LEARN. 

We not only welcome all those who choose St Mel's as a place of learning, a place where relationships are formed and built upon, but more so we hope to create a community where ALL belong.

                             Playful learning to inquiring minds,
                                                   Inquiring minds to 
cooperative learners,
                                                                     Cooperative learners to 
self directed individuals.
                                                                                      Developing creativity through learning.

  pdf Our Principles for Learning and Teaching (53 KB)