Governing Principles

The School Advisory Council is committed to democratic principles, consultation, dialogue and co-responsibility.

The Council is committed to the fundamental principles of Catholic school governance which can be articulated as follows:

  •   The Love of Christ: We are animated by and based upon the love of Christ for all people
  •   Educational Quality: To provide the best possible quality of education for all students
  •   The Role of Parents: The primary educators of their children with whom we work in partnership
  •   Faithfulness to the Mission of the Church: To bring the Good News and be faithful to Church teaching
  •   Inclusivity and Social Justice: To include and empower the most disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalized
  •   Subsidiarity: Ensuring decisions are made where appropriate, by those closest to and most accountable to those affected
  •   Solidarity: Recognition that we are all gifted in different ways, but called to work together for the one purpose
  •   Stewardship of Resources: We are entrusted to use financial and other resources responsibly, ensuring sustainability for future generations
  •   Canon Law: As part of the Church we are constituted and operate in accordance with Canon Law.

The  School Advisory Council is the leading consultative and advisory group for the Principal, as an active forum for parent and community participation, providing support and advice principally in strategic planning and school improvement.  As outlined in the CES Limited Governance Charter Advisory Council members do not have decision making powers. 

The School Advisory Council is intended to:

  •   provide a voice for members of the school community
  •   actively support, in collaboration with the local parish, the Vision and Catholic Identity of the School/College
  •   provide input into and support for strategic planning and directions
  •   provide input and contribute advice in the processes of school improvement and school review
  •   support the Principal in meeting his/her responsibilities and accountabilities for educational outcomes, effective stewardship of resources, and annual reporting
  •   actively support the Principal in the encouragement of parent/guardian engagement
  •   support the ongoing sustainability of the Council and its members in its succession and learning

​St Mel’s Primary School Advisory Council Members 2024

Fr Rene Ramirez: Parish Priest

Sam Campi: Chairperson

Stephen Hicks: Principal

Danae Napier - Deputy Principal

Shane Barbary: Committee Member 

Sam Campi: Kinder Representative

Chetan Patel: Committee Member

Mark Jones: Committee Member

​Broni Paine: Committee Member

Adam Piastri: Committee Member

Karen Myers: Administration Officer / Secretary