Catholic Identity ~ Religious Education 

Catholic Identity sits at the heart of our school, it encapsulates our mission, our aspirations and our values. Our commitment to our Catholic faith in dialogue with others is at the core of our being. We have hope and faith in our future to create a world full of peace, respect, and love as we learn with and from each other.

At St. Mel’s we nurture a diverse community centred on God, following the gospel teachings, the teachings of Jesus and integrating faith and life.

We aspire to build a community in which everyone feels a deep sense of belonging.

Religious Education permeates its way through the whole curriculum and our way of being at our school. Prayer & Religious Education are a part of our daily life. Christian Meditation, prayer journaling & walking our labyrinth are all fundamental parts of the rich prayer life of our school. We have many special events & rituals that promote the rich traditions and catholic identity of our school.

During the year we participate in a number of whole school Masses - Our Opening School Mass, Feast of the Sacred Heart, Feast of the Assumption and End of Year Mass. We also celebrate together through liturgy as a whole school, in units and pastoral groups. 

The 'Source of Life' Religious Education Curriculum is used in our Sandhurst Diocese. According to Source of Life, “Religious Education in its fullest sense belongs to not just the religious education program, but emcompasses everything in the curriculum. It's about human flourishing in a deeply Christian understanding ~ whatever makes a student wiser, more loving, more fully human is making the student reflect more fully the image of God."