There are numerous car-parking areas all within a two-to-five-minute walking distance.   We recommend you park your car and walk into the grounds to not only collect your child but also to catch up with the many adults in our community. 

There are two official crossings: One in Hamilton Street and one in Archer Street.  Both crossings are supervised. 

Kiss and go 

Our Kiss And Go works well when we follow the road rules.  It is an effective and efficient way of dropping off and collecting children from school.  

What is that you may ask?  Simply it is a quick, efficient and safe way to drop off and pick up your children. The zone from the school library to the hall in Hamilton Street has been zoned as the ‘kiss and go’. There are few steps we need to follow to make this work: 

  1. 2-minute parking between 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. 

2. Move forward so that other cars can park 

3. Stay in the car to let your child out or collect your child 

4. Always let your child in form the passenger side – never the driver’s side

5. If there are no places to park go around the block until a park is available

6. Use other long-term parking that is within a short walking distance to the school

7. When picking up your child – get the duty teachers attention and let them know who you are picking up e.g. the Smith children or Mikey Topolino – or place a sign stating family name on the dashboard so that the teacher on duty can read the sign. (download available)

8. Be patient 

9. Observe and follow the rules 

10. Safety before convenience  

We urge you to teach your children great care when exiting from or entering your vehicle when you deliver or pick them up.  We request that you respect the rights of other road users and of the residents who are neighbours of St Mel's, by ensuring they have clear access to their driveways.  


Children who live further than 4.8 kms from the school qualify for a conveyance allowance from the State Government; application forms are available at the office.  You may check with Shepparton Transit regarding the nearest bus pick up point for your child on 5831  2150. 

Behaviour on the bus must always be appropriate.  If it is not, the bus company has the right to refuse to carry children. 

  document Download our Kiss and Go Car Display (52 KB)