Welcome to St Mel's Primary School, Shepparton.


It is my pleasure and a wonderful opportunity to be appointed to the role of principal of this fine learning community for 2024 and beyond.

As a graduate of St. Mel’s Primary School (1978) and former parishioner of St. Mel’s Parish, I am excited to rejoin the school and parish community which contributed to my formative years, and now actively support the community meet the wellbeing, learning and faith needs of students, maintain a child safe and welcoming Catholic school environment as we continue to offer a quality, effective Catholic education and faith experience for our children, parents / carers, families, staff team, parish and broader Shepparton community. 

The parish, school and kindergarten are valued, respected and important entities within the local Shepparton area and Diocese of Sandhurst. St. Mel's Primary School has educated the children of the parish and local community since the late fifties and continues to offer a rich. quality Catholic educational experience for children from Foundation to Year 6. Our school and kindergarten are of the 58 school and early childhood centres within the Catholic Education Sandhurst Ltd system of Catholic schools. 

I am looking forward to our new year within this proud Catholic school community striving, learning and achieving together through Christ, our light. At the very centre of the community’s vision is learning and achieving. The education of the children entrusted in our care. The development of the whole child: spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and morally. In partnership with parents and carers, value adding to the children’s safety, wellbeing, learning, growth and development. For our children to be the very best they can be!

Our school motto, "Christ our light" indicates the importance of Jesus Christ to our community. Through scripture we are inspired by the life and words of Christ to reflect on our own journey and contemporary experience of our encounters with one another and with God.  

As the school’s Graduate Outcomes articulate -  to educate students who are curious engaged learners, risk takers in their learning, life long, literate and numerate learners (amongst other stated outcomes).  Parents, carers, families, school staff, parish and broader community - working together to maximise opportunities to enhance the continued growth and development of our children.

An aspirational and inspirational vision!

I look forward to our time together in this lovely school community as we continue our journey as..." a proud Catholic school community striving, learning and achieving together through Christ, our light."

Kind regards,Principals message

Stephen ‘Steve’ Hicks